Nobody's Fault

Written by: karen feist

Mom and Dad, they took the blame
Weekends away were not the same
Afraid to leave because he might
Do something awful when not in sight
He started acting the week before
Just like himself, depressed no more
And so they left, a bit concerned
The phone call came and then they learned
Their son had planned to take his life
Three times he tried - no kids, no wife
This time he did it. He hung himself
His lifeless body, the belt, the shelf
The empty room where once he slept
The bed is made, his things they kept
The house was never quite the same
A sadness lived around his name
As years slipped by we hid the pain
But Mommy died. She took the blame
A cancer launched the main assault
But it wasn't her fault It was nobody's fault. 

Copyright ©2001  Karen  M Feist