You Took The Bait

Written by: karen feist

You work so hard, seven days a week
Our lives are separate. They have to be.
You're up in the morning and out by five
I'm just coming in and barely alive
I want to be with you but there's never the time
So I just have to miss you, pretend that I'm fine
I remember way back when you just couldn't wait
To get home and see me just like a date
Romance and passion were all that we knew
I cared what I looked like and dressed up for you
Well, at least I put make up on...what did you do?
Ooops there I go, the unconscious slip
This poem of love just turned into shi
My hidden agenda, the anger and hate
Projected on you like something I ate
That wouldn't stay down, digest and vacate
The vicious vindictiveness of love vs hate
We're arguing again because you took the bait      

Karen M Feist