Case Dismissed

Written by: karen feist

In all my years I've never been 
So sad to see the likes of him 
My little boy, now 6 feet tall 
Smokes pot and drinks 
And that ain't all... 
His anger lurks and waits for me 
To raise my voice, to set it free. 
I beg and plead 
Please stop please think... 
A broken glass lands in the sink. 
The front door slams, he's gone again. 
Tonight I'll drive til dawn and then 
I'll pray and cry for his return 
Go back to bed, no lesson learned. 
Extorted cash, no money earned. 
His life is going down the drain 
My guilt enables endless pain. 
We go to court just like before 
The "L A Lawyer" gets one more. 
Case dismissed. 

© 2001 Karen Feist