Here We Go

Written by: Alesha Roche'

Here we go once again
On both we put strain 
Outside there's rain
Inside there's pain
Baby I'm sorry, you say
Yeah whatever you reply
As I look out at the bay 
Still as if deaden by the night
Silence is a key
A key signaling the end of a fight
Within a simple second
From wrong to right
As you come back into sight
Taking this love to a different height
Here we go making up
As a tense shiver bolts through my body
As we begin to kiss, touch, and rub
Slowing and so carelessly finding our way to the tub
Clothes fall off as if we were melting chocolate
You begin to tenderly caress as if know I'll let
It's not like you don't know I'm wet
A tear of joy falls
When your member and mine met
As a steady rhytmn is set
I'm able to look you in the eyes
The house, the walls, the animals of the darkness
Listen to my moans and eager cries
Sweet,sweet baby here we go