Happy Mothers Day Mom

Written by: Breeann Mahoney

                                               I love you more 
                                               then you'll ever
                                               know, though at 
                                               times I've failed 
                                               to show you and,
                                               Maybe you think that
                                               I don't care?
                                               about the closeness
                                               we fail to share, as
                                               mother's and daughter's

                                               Mom, please, don't ever 
                                               feel like that, my love
                                               for you goes way beyond
                                               I love you from the core
                                               my soul, for all you've done
                                               don't you know? 
                                               And oh, how I'll miss you,
                                               one day when you go. 
                                               So, I just want to say today 
                                               on this Special Mother's Day,  
                                               I love you mom and, I ask God
                                               up above, to keep on blessing
                                               you, till your one- hundred and,  
                                               one. Love You Mom,