The Pool

Written by: angela sutherland

Bea moved her children's pool 
to give the grass a rest.
Emptied, cleaned, refilled it blue
innocent as summer sky.

Squashed flat, 
the bedraggled body of a rat
lay on the yellowed lawn. 
Its cold contaminated corpse, 
a seething mass of maggots.

Rubber-gloved, she sealed it tight, 
into a freezer bag, 
which, in two days, expanded, then
exploded in her bin.

A green-eyed, ginger tomcat swirled 
around her neighbor's scrawny legs. 
Who raised, 
with folded arms against her fence, 
harsh comments on the smell.

'So', Bea thought, 'how did it die?'
Then found her mouse-traps' bait all gone.
And saw a mighty tunnel had been drilled
right through the double garage wall.
A pile of dry earth down below 
was sprinkled with fresh droppings.

she poured out poisoned grain 
and left a box wide open. 
'Help yourself' she laughed 
then locked her garage door. 

Quietly doing her daily chores.
Delighting, as seeds disappeared.
Until, Day Four, she was attacked, 
on entering the darkened room,
by a hundred big black angry flies 
and the foul stench of mass murder.

Once more, she moved the pool, this time at night 
and dug where the softest soil sat.
A deep dark pit to hide her guilt.
Five rats, three mice 
and next-doors' stupid cat.