Written by: Motloang Matabane

God’s joy and awe at this being before him
Not even the angels’ jubilation could compare
A beginning, a calling and an eternity were placed beside him
A heart of gold to house the breath of God
A path was laid before him for his feet to follow
God gave him day and night as company
Day so he can marvel at the goodness of the Lord in the light 
Night to ask for guidance in the dark
He gave him also, a tongue to praise and worship His greatness
God gave him trials and tribulations to build his faith and trust in Him
He gave him a destiny and passion to fuel his feet forward and forget the trials 
and tribulations of yesterday
God made him a friend because He knew he could not do it by himself
In conclusion, God gave him a soul as a promise as a promise that one day He 
would come back to get him
And with love, He sent him on his way…
God smiled and named him