The Truth

Written by: Eli Moon

I have been hiding my secrets
My lies
The reason
Why I like to compromise
This is my life
You have to understand
I am so weird
I am crazy
You will hate me
For sure
You looked freak out
When I told you
About everything
And everything
About who I am
Please understand

I had struggled 
Hiding the truth inside
I can't lie
I don't want to hide
I want to open that door
So that
I could see more

And I told you today
Your eyes were huge
I felt so weird
After telling you

Strange how my truth
Can be
It is not easy
To let it out
This is my darkest
And most biggest secret
I had told you
You got over it
Thought you would hate me

The truth is out
I could not forget this
Each time I see you
Reminds me of that day
The day I told you
The truth