8 Years

Written by: Fredilan Samson

Suddenly I asked myself what others are here for
Does everybody need someone waiting by the door?
Can't we live without the one we often call our own?
Or just spend a night in a room talking all alone

Will there be mischief if ever I haven't met you?
Do we need to make sacrifices to make our love pass through?
Will you be my somebody if ever I didn't know you?
Do I still have to make this poem to show you it's true?

Too many questions lingering inside my mind
Too many miles to walk from here my divine
Giving me bad dreams for nights, keeping me naive
I asked myself, without you will I be saved?

Then I realized that I need you by my side
The feelings I can keep but the love a cannot hide
Now please tell me if you still know me as the same
I just wanna know, am I still me or have I changed?