I Love You

Written by: Louwil Rivera

I love you
Saying these words as the nimbus cloud spread its tears upon the land
Waiting for the answer as you turn your head and let go of my hand
Will I ever see love as it flows within the flowing march of waters?
And be envy of seeing the sweetness of the two promising lovers

I love you
This heart longs for someone to utter these words to my hopeless lonely heart
And again awaken from a long sleeping grave to face this charming art
Someone who posses pure devotion for my love, she whom I shall adore
Ill begin a new from my shattered dreams and forget what was then before

I love you
To feel these words with in my heart yet then, I am most content
I shan’t ask God for I am already blessed I know our love was meant 
We shall cherish the love we treasure, soar and bring it to the skies 
And hope that we shall meet again in the promised paradise