Posters on my Bedroom Wall

Written by: Christopher Wellbelove

Culture club, Kajagoogoo and Wham
Just a few of those staring lifeless from my walls
As I sit petrified on my bed
With you standing threatening over me

No songs they've sung
Can absorb all that every word you say burns
But as they witness all you do to me
Less alone my mind bleeds

Once your gone
From his picture Boy George holds me for a second
He turns to say
There is a strength from not being the same

Tracy Ulman
Teams with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders
They hold my hand and lead me from every thing you do
To a sanctuary filled with life and laughter

As you hide the evidence
Of your latest unpredictable rage
George Michael gently whispers
It does not have to be this way

Paul Young's reassurance
That what you do is not uncommon
Though very well intentioned
Doesn't help at all

Annie Lennox holds me in her arms
Shows me sweet dreams that help keep me alive
With every word she sings to me
Less and less the words you try to destroy me with I hear

Posters on my bedroom wall
Of people who don't know me at all
As they stood before the magazine shoot
They had no idea what their image would view