Written by: Kirstie Fontes

When I look into your eyes I see love, I see strength, and I see caring.
When I look at your face I see wisdom, I see courage, and I see a friend.
When I look at you I see a hard worker, a great father, and the love of my life.
Being with you made me love more, have more strength, care for others more 
than ever before.
You give me wisdom, and courage, you are a great friend.
You make me want to work harder. You make me want to be a better mother, to 
be the love of your life.
Since the day I met you, you made me look at me. It was not an easy task, but 
having you in my life has made me a better person.
I didn’t fall in love with you for the car you drove or the job you had. I didn’t marry 
you for your looks or money. I fell in love with you because I liked who I was with 
you. Your love and acceptance freed me. You made me a better person, you 
made me whole. We are two whole lives merged to make a better tomorrow for 
everyone we meet, for our children, and for each other.
I know without a doubt that I am completely in love with you.  I ache when you are 
not around. I will love you forever, and the great part about it is I know you will love 
me forever too!