close minded

Written by: lillivette delgado

at times i feel as if the world is coming down on me
but the only reason is because i refuse the truth to see
its always been there right there
but i failed to look there i thought i looked eveywhere
i didnt want to change you or save you
i just wanted you to realize theres others ways the world to view
i let myself love you to much
i let myself get to close to use to your touch
why did i stay when i knew that the right thing was to leave
why did i accept all you did even though in you i didnt believe
i waited for you to see the good in me
i even let you mistreat me, abuse me even lie and cheat
it was all in vane because after six years im stuck 
all i got was a good high and sometimes a good suck
now you got me how you wanted sittin like a duck
pregnant and straight down on my luck
one thing you fail to realize is that i never needed you
you needed me and that was my fuel
i lived off knowing that with out you be lost
and even though you always hurt me we stayed together at all cost
i have always knew that what i had to do
but my plans always failed and lead me back to you
i was a different i am adifferent person around you
when it came to us i couldnt think out the box i was consumed
emotionally mentally i was extremely confused
but how was i if i always knew what i had to do.
i never understood why you never wanted to see things my way
it was always forget what i thought  and what i say
but i still found it in my heart to love and care for you easily
i just wanted you to see, love me for me unconditionally   
there was a time when i would of put for you my life on the line
but today is a new day and i decided you were never mine
it is easy to say goodbye when there is no sweet or no bittersweet memories
all we had was a routine that never was good for our lives
so on this note i have to just  say good bye

ps. please be good and do what you have to do. its all about you