Then the gods must be consulted

Written by: richard nah

Uncle, as I uncled him 
My child, he childed me

What have I done to deserve all these?
What curse has been placed on me?
Where am I? 

What is the problem my son?
Sonded uncle
As he drew his piper

I have worked hard,
But harvested none

Even my own bros
Have turned away their eyes on me
Without mercy,

Leaving me hopeless without a home 
Jobless without coins 
And miserable in desperation,

I know not value of rest,
It seems I have invited a lion to diner.

So it's true,
This world has made a chunk of chunk less
A fool out of me,

Son, he sonded
Then the handshake has passed the elbow,
And the naked must have promise you cloth;

 Take hope, take hope
And have faith.

What hopes have I not had?
What faith?
And besides patience,

Son, he sonded again
Uncle, I uncled him
I have heard you.