The Legend Lives

Written by: Raymond Emeka-Mbah

He was an enigma, a true one.
His followers see him as religious.
Few people say he was a philosopher.
Some say he was a prophet.
Many prefer to call him a soothsayer.
Yet, others call him a political analyst.

He was all these and many more.
He was not only a musician,
but one with a difference.
Stating his opinions in music form.
Proffering solutions with his songs.
Reaching out to everyone with his lyrics.

He was and still is a role model.
One of only a kind.
If only we had more of him.
If only they had listened to him.
Things would have been different.
But they didn't and things remained.

Fela for many is still what he was.
Eba mi eda is gone but he still lives,
very much in the lives of his admirers.