Written by: esther robinson

Are arrows of afflictions aiming your soul?
Swaying you away from life’s goal
Are the armies of Satan attacking your fort?
With arms and ammunition of varied sort

Do problems crush like a twirling climber?
Sap your strength rushing ahead as a runner
Suppress you having clung for support
Alarmed, are you looking at their progress report

In vain, do you turn right and left
Seeking place to hide even  in a cleft
Then seek help through prayer with hope
By Holy Spirit’s power even when you grope

The Lord is the Spirit, you must always know
And where the Spirit of the Lord is, acts are not slow
Immediately there is liberty found
Arising from where there seems no ground

Like the new ropes used by Philistines
To bind Samson one among the Nazerines
Satan could have bound you tight
Threatening and harping over his might

Plead for the Holy Spirit during the fight
He will defend and prove you right
And set the new ropes like flax on fire
Crushing the armies of that fallen liar