Written by: esther robinson

In an entertainment park
A few pet dogs did bark

People kept pushing ahead
Popping up their head

Suddenly two lovely dolphins
Jumped, throwing up in the air their fins 

On it’s snout it balanced a ball
People witnessed surrounding it like a wall

The trainer stood in water
His commands were carried out without any falter

Up and down inside that vast area of water
It jumped, swam, as did the commands alter

Implicitly it obeys the master’s command
Reminds, obedience surpasses sacrifice in Creator’s commands

After every trick the dolphins unabashed
Would gladly go with mouth wide opened

To it’s trainer who would pat and offer
Several small fishes from his coffer

Rejoicing they would return to resume
Their job of bringing joy to weary souls that fume

Brought about by the cares of this world
For this reason, people enter the park called ‘Sea World’

Dual delight of seeing that wonderful creature
And the spiritual lesson taught by it’s Creator.

It struck, ‘Open your mouth wide,
And I will fill it on every side.’

God wants to bless us today
And make glad for us everyday

With this wonderful message
I kept walking through the exit passage.

“Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” (Psalm 81:10).