Various Degrees of Happiness

Written by: Christopher Wellbelove

Some may find me annoying
As my eyes open to the day with a smile
Some may think I'm faking
When I'm laughing as the rain drizzles around 

For years the smile
Slapped from my face
My laughter punished
From an illogical belief
That my smile maybe laughing at him

As for years I dwelled
On all that shouldn't have been
A friend once said to the rain inside
No body wants a dark cloud

So every day
I blow the clouds away
And the days I cannot breath another blow 
I crawl into somewhere no one goes

From every smile
Another grows
From every grin
I mend within
From every time I laugh
I grow with life's love

And just here and there
When what I can't bear
Gets a little bit too much
I give my happiness a rest 
Letting my smile 
Sleep for a while