A Crush From The Past

Written by: Darius Knight

When it first began I didn't realize how it was going be,
But as we grew and knew each other better I had better sight to see.
The truth was there but it never came out,
I've seen you at your best and even the worst when you had to shout.

I couldn't make my move cause you were my friend's girl and later his ex,
Though inside I didn't care cause I wanted to be yours next.
I wanted to treat you like you should have been,
To man up and be a man for someone who had bad experiences with men.

I've seen you hurt so many times I wanted to take you away from it all,
I wanted to show you that there was someone willing to stand and walk tall.
Till this day I crush over you wondering what it would be like,
Tellin my friend's to tell you I said hi just to see what you like.

If I had the chance I would make you happy,
Even if I did...being your man would make my life even more happy.
When ever I gained the courage to try you,
You already found someone else before I could say I want you.

Keep my feelings for you inside so maybe one day we could be,
I don't know how you feel about all this or even me.
But I do know we'll always have our friendship and our own special type of love,
Till I know for sure I'll just keep praying to the Man above.