Come back, my love

Written by: RIMA ANIL.NAIK

After 4months & 1 week of separation, 129 days of tears and depression, 
With a pimpled face and many grey hair, I write these lines, 

wishing you were here.................

Marking the calendar as each day goes by...
My loneliness continues, I miss you and cry,
Near me you are but not with me,
How at peace can I possibly be?

 I fast, visit temples and constantly pray,
"Dear God, bring back my love to me"- I say,
"oh Lord!, you said you sent him to me,
Then gone away from me, why has he?"

Eyes constantly glued to the door…
Ears await the ring of the phone…
Sonya, I long to see you and hear you say,
"Dear, I am back, hold me the same way".

"Chalo ice cream khilata hoon,
Laugh! Laugh! Ravan's sister-chidata hoon,
Dear, what did you do when I was gone?
I learnt to sing those pending two songs".

"Dear, I love you more than you do"
Why do you cry when I am with you?
I bought our car, home-n-jhoola just for you
Happily together we will live in our MAMU".