Caught up

Written by: morvarid farjadi

A stupid car alarm has been going outside for what seems like forever
So yeah, my patients is kinda short.
Been starring at these walls for so long
Just feeling kinda bored.
So I tap on my keys cause my pen is dry,
My Macbook is the one thing getting me by tonight.
Playing my favorite jams on iTunes
Kinda in that soulful mood...
Lately Tyrese has been good to me 
and Joe told me to stay home tonight.
Been wanting a part-time-lover like Jodeci
thinking "I used to be his girl" thanx to B. Mcknight.
It's not that I feel lonely, I actually feel at ease.
But my bed is half empty and I'm smoked up on trees.
So I guess I'm a little sensitive and restless to the fact
who knows if I'll ever get my spark or energy back?
I got to admit you took some of it with you
and now it's become mainstream, it's acting brand-new.
I shared with you my heart
Gave you more than a piece.
So when I say I'm missing you
It's really cause I'm missing me.
But yo, it's just a waste of time trying to find myself
Cause by then I'll probably be - caught up in somebody else.