Eternal Presence

Written by: Whitney Watts

Live to love the life up above, wait and follow, you'll never have sorrow. 
When you get there you'll be pleased, for you will be treated like a king. 
The glamour of that life is glorious, you just be patient and wait for the great man 
to take you away. 
You shouldn't be scared to go for he will never leave you so. 
He will take good care of you, don't worry for always remember you will be mine.
I will think of you night and day, i pray you will do the same. 
You'll leave me with great memories and watch new ones come to life.
As we say our good-byes we will cry, but remember we're strong, for that we can't 
be beat.
Nevertheless you're always near in presence sitting next to me in that sad 
drivers' seat.