Guiding me into the night

Written by: Melanie Ross

I cry these tears of pain,
But no one is here to stop the rain,
With all the confusion I hurt inside,
All alone I feel something has died.

I miss the touch of your skin,
I miss those silly moods get in,
I miss the taste of your lips,
I miss the feel of your kiss.

Many times I have pushed away the pain,
For the last thing I want is to go insane,
A moment of weakness I want to ignore,
For this is something I don’t want to explore.

As the tide flows down my face,
I seriously wish I could leave this place,
One more moment with you is all I ask,
But in reality it is a big task.

Nothing in life is ever simple,
If only it were like popping a pimple (hehehehe)
For all the choices that we make,
I could never think it was a mistake.

The moments we shared will stay in my heart,
A connection I felt from the start,
To put it simple you are my light,
Guiding me into the night