A reflection into the past

Written by: Melanie Ross

A reflection into the past,

Of all the good times shared,

Many heart felt conversations,

When there were no barriers there.

A glimpse into the present,

A few words to and fro,

How did we get to this point?

A great wall is lingering there.

I take each moment as it comes,

No point thinking too deep,

The past seems so unreal,

Was it a time you could not bare?

I have changed in more ways then one,

A rare diamond in the rough,

My worth is known to me now,

What others think I truly don't care.

Chase no more is what I live,

For that is not my worth,

Meet me half way or no way,

Or is there really a secret there?

I am what I am,

And willing to accept who you are,

No matter what is unsaid,

I will always be there.

Friends first and foremost,

It once felt so rare,

Do you choose to be so distant?

For the unknown is too much to bare?

I understand more then even you know,

Because I feel it too,

What ever will be will be,

Just known I will always love you!!