Written by: Alison Sade Peñaranda

If I were not to see the light tomorrow
I’m dying to let the inside reach you
But either with breath or unbound
What you feel will spark immortal

If I were not to hold your face tomorrow
It is not such a dreadful loss
I dreamt of you long before
And you will remain alive in my world forever

If I were not to taste the sweetness of those lips tomorrow
I am closing my eyes tonight
Holding to that one single bliss I first felt
I’d be bringing in this eternal journey of mine

If I were not to speak to you tomorrow
I’d like to let you know
Your voice is unforgettably soothing
And will always resound in my endless sleep

If I were not to be with you tomorrow
The reason why the ink blots against this piece of writing
My eyes swell with tears with a thought of you
Don’t fret for I never felt this way ‘til we met.