Written by: Kirstie Fontes

I’m overprotective of my kids; I know that this is true.
But there is a reason why I act, and do the things I do.
I was molested as a child, and still live with the pain.
So if I seem ridiculous, your comments are in vain.
I’d rather them stay innocent, and have fun when they play.
Than live their childhood like I did, afraid of everyday.
Don’t misunderstand my words; my kids aren’t in the dark.
I’ve taught them of the evils in this world from the start.
I want them to be well informed, yet never be afraid.
Knowing they can come to me and never be betrayed.
So if you think I’m foolish for the things I won’t allow.
Just know I do the best I can, it is my solemn vow.