Written by: Charles Reese

Thy heart awakes from yonder sleep,
There's strength you gain where others weep.
Though looks to knights beyond this realm,
Beyond the past but at the helm.

The Siren cannot tempt the now,
Her song belongs where others bow.
You'd sought the shade that hid  the light,
Upon black rivers out of sight.

The hurt and pain that you once felt
Has gone away it's had to melt.
Thou came from darkness to the sun,
No more in pain our precious one.

Thy warmth and smell each day is new,
Each touch is like the morning dew.
You now adorn thyself with light,
Above black river with His  might.

Now maiden fair come stay with us,
No other one has earned such trust.
Someday  you'll have the strength to fly,
Above black rivers and the sky.