I Still Wait

Written by: Alison Sade Peñaranda

Tonight seems rather deep
And the air feels colder
The visions vivid to set voices unclear
Everything yet a sigh is a blur.

It’s a nice feeling
And yet I should not be here
The croaking toads in harmony
Time is making it all wrong.

I laugh and smile
Harder ways to hide
This place grows hostility
Hostility etched in me.

Your infuriated heart is kept carefully
And what am I doing with mine?
We’re both caught in complexity
I’m so tired keeping my sanity.

Time has passed me
You are in your late night class
The serenading crickets start to play
Why aren’t you home yet?

The night is so long
Can someone make eternity to wait?
Looking back what has been gone
I’m so burning cold tonight.