Always together

Written by: Christopher Wellbelove

I feel you close to me
And though I look behind to find you 
You are never there

Despite the endless times we have talked for hours deep into the next day 
That I know how deep you care
For years so near and so far have you been here

Over the years 
Though I have never doubted your love
The distance, though so close, has desperately grown

And though I know you know I've cheated on you
You know in your arms is the only place
I spend all my wishes to be

And when you first went
When you first came to say it would be alright
I always knew you would be there with me despite

Deep into the night
In sleepless dreams I hold you tightly
Though I know when I wake all I will find in my arms is an empty space where my 
smiles ended

When one night I could not find you
Desperately ripping down walls searching for just the image of your face
Through the destruction you slowly reappeared with all my fears for a moment 

I guess the only time I truly miss you now
Is when I listen to your message I could never deleted
And wish once more I could look into your eyes as you tell me how deep you love 

And when they held me as I lost all sense
Screamed so far into the holding arms that I did not believe them
I clawed the past for one more chance as no one can know for a second how 
much I needed
you then

And though I know
The day you died you were forever gone
I know with you and I will never be truly alone

Always together
Harder every today apart
Taken from me in a second
But never a moment lost our love