What Is Love.

Written by: Sharon Leonard

                                          What Is Love?

Love is, the soft kiss,of gentle lips
Love is, a kind word spoken,in season,
Love is, the sparkle of the bluest eyes
Love is,a warm embrace,and a soft place to fall.
Love is,the tiny hands and feet,of a new born 
Love is,sweet smiles,on beautiful days,
Love is,the silver hair,on the wise man's head
Love is, the arms,that hold you tight,on a cold and lonely night.
Love is,'Mumma",and "Dadda",the first words,of a babe
Love is,the gentle waltze,of the Bride and Groom,
Love is,the reading of the Bible,by your Grandmother
Love is,the first drive of your Daddy's car.
Love is,the rose,on a wet and rainy day
Love is,the storm,that passess by,harming nothing,
Love is,the feel of water,around a body,worn and tired
Love is,the twinkling of the stars in the sky,
Love is the ocean,wide and wonderful
Love is,everywhere,enjoy it,everyday.

By Sharon.L.Leonard.  02nd,August,2007.