The Firedancer

Written by: Frances Angela Torrelavega

The twilight veils
the summer sky,
as waves begin
terrestial flight.
In crescendo, the conga
chants a march-
luring my feet
to join the dance.

Being blinded by darkness
of almost night; 
for a minute, my ears,
have been my guide.
Though, soon enough,
I saw this man;
who is bestowed 
with ember palms.

Donning white, 
his soles are bare;
while his curls are coiled
in his scalp and nape.
Alas, his face
is quite concealed,
behind the streaks
and trails of light.

He fills the blackness
with neon lines:
swirling them 
around my sight.
With this apparition, 
I have been enthralled;
allowing myself
to succumb in hypnos.

Gradually, the pace
has began to subside;
The dancer bows
in our applause.
All of a sudden, 
his eyes meet mine:
igniting the flame
inside my heart.