what Now?

Written by: Sharon Leonard

                                          What Now?

Well I've given up the smokes finally,and I don't see the point in a drink or a flutter,
My love lifes nothing to brag about,and I'm getting rid of all the clutter
What Now?
I've eating good food,and exercising too
Still trying to keep on top of things,I know I have to do,
I've been praying and meditating,and scrubbing walls and ceilings
It does'nt seem to help me deal,with all these thoughts and feelings.
What Now?
I know the car needs washing,and the needs to be mowed
There's dirty clothes,and holey socks,that's needing to be sewed.
What Now?
Maybe I'll just go on strike,or do a little more
Or maybe I'll just relax a while,of that, I'm pretty sure.
I know that someone may call me,of that I can be certain
But I'm hoping ,that they'll go away,I guess I'll just close the curtain.
Maybe now I'll have a bite to eat,or I guess I could just fast
But really I'm putting on too much weight,I was anerexic,in my past.
What Now?
This is life and reality,it's such a lovely thing
A woman's lot in life I guess,enough to make you sing.

By Sharon.L.Leonard.26th,July,2007.