To My Bother,Steven.

Written by: Sharon Leonard

                                      To My Brother, Steven.

I barely stopped and thought about,the way we used to be
But now I find and realise,how special you are to me.
You used to try to look out for me,because you are my brother
And I don't think,that in this world,that there could be another...
So loving and so caring,so protective and so true
As what I had found in you.
You'd pick me up,when I was down,
And when you were not certain;
You'd look and search,and try to find,thae part of that was hurting.
Then when you'd see,that you could make the pain in me go away
You'd crack a joke,and make me laugh,and hope I'd stay that way.
I hurt you sometimes badly,and said things,that were't true
But my brother,I just want for you to know,I really do love you.
So I'm saying that I'm sorry,and asking to put it in the past,
And let's be brother and sister again,and be happy together at last.

By Sharon.L.Leonard.  26th,July,2007.