What A Week.

Written by: Sharon Leonard

                                          "What A Week"

What a week I've had,it's been so hard,I don't know where to start
I did'nt think I'd make it,fair dinkum,I mean it,I thought I'd fall apart,
So many mixed emotions,a roller coaster ride
Not one that I could simply take,peacefully in my stride.
II wondered how I made it,I'm pretty sure I did
And if I have'nt,and I'm not there,It's because I ran and hid.
The cooking and the cleaning,the shopping and the bills
No wonder Doc has prescribed for me,so many differant pills.
The weather was'nt fair at all,it's mood would change like mine
Although I could'nt read it at all,I never got a sign.
The dogs been barking madly,my son's been restless too
I really thought I'd lose it badly,I'd be better off with the flu.
There's been no phone calls,and that's okay
No lettersin the mail,no-one to say good-day.
They say no news is good news,and I've always believed that's so
But when you've had a week like this,I'm not quite sure I know.
So now,I've winged and wigned so much,about the week I've had
And I don't want another one like this,especially one so bad.

By Sharon.L.Leonard. 25th,July,2007.