Written by: Suhana Begum

Happenings just like that Rain
   yet the dampness still refusing to leave; 
Oh it's too much to take 
    the language of reality.

Words misplaced on the way
   just like lightning too fast to catch;
It poured and poured generously
   never knowing, it poisoned me.

Thou only saw the picture
   yet the stories lied beneath;
Thou's eyes seldom met monsoon
   but in mine, raining everyday.

Plenty made thou's garden
   only a handful making mine;
Memories knocking thou once a while
   but knocking my every breath.

Those words resounding all this while
   like the breeze whispering to leaves;
Tying me down in the arms of weeds
   with those unsolved hidden objectives.
Laying drowned in the pool of tears
   but not a leaf on sight to hold;
Days passing, heart closing
  yet that hope still remaining.

Arms clutching, tongue fastening
    grieving silently to the air;
empty eyes, breaking down
    dissolving slowly in last rain.