Life Without Horizons

Written by: William Masonis

Wife's job vanished
Bank account diminishing
Future uncertain
Wolves are nosing at the door again.

My children smile at me,
Dance for joy when I come home;
Suddenly, no more fear, no worries for awhile

Funny how it takes all my concentration,
Such an effort of will,
To acheive, now and again,
The state of mind they take for granted.

The background noise of the big world is so high
One can barely think.

     So I strive to rise above it,
     To lift up and out of my little self
     Climbing higher and higher
     'Til the horizon's edges

                                                                Fall Away

     And everything is Present:

     No Future     No Past
     No Necessities
     Only the one Conscious Moment
     Shining here unbounded.

I see once more that I shall suffer for awhile,
But can this really touch my joys, my freedom?

     - Only by my own permission.

No Joy without Pain
No Light without Dark
No Life without Death

Where are the sufferings of yesterday, of the years before?
Memories now, fading into the distance.

Troubles roll in, break over our lives
Then go, then come again
Sliding forwards and back on the tides of tomorrows.

I feel my pain, and close behind it
The world's far greater pain screaming
From its thousand daily wounds

Yet every day we go on, regardless

Fight the strain and it strengthens,
Let it break, then it recedes.

     Do something, or nothing
     The Wheel turns just the same.

Easily said, yet hard to do;
Nothing's more difficult
Than doing nothing.

My love runs deep, my senses alive and vibrant with her,
And countless small delights lay near to hand.

I've two children more beautiful than the stars
To gaze on as they sleep; drunken with love of them

- What matters some struggle, next to this?

Yesterday is lost to time, and tomorrow yet to be;
All I can hold is this One Moment - I must not let it fall!

     I look within the Moment

     Horizons Fall Away.

Reach for It - It slides away
Listen for It - no sound will come

     - But glance away, be still awhile and wait
     - It steals up in the wind and blows right though you, Singing.

          It is like deep water.
         On the surface everything changes, flows
         But down below abides a Great Stillness.

               Horizons Fall Away.