Past Dreams

Written by: Brenda Ints

I remember dreams once held as a child.
And although I've not thought of them in awhile.
As my thoughts drift back to some place in time.
All of past dreams come fresh to mind.
In a world full of magic, and full of awe.
What visions I held, what magic I saw.
I remember as I would go out to play.
What magical kingdoms, I would visit each day.
With perils and adventure around each bend.
Knowing that I would win through in the end.
Now I may have grown, and the years they have past.
And although those dreams have gone.
The memories last.
No more do I dream of magical kingdoms.
They have faded away, for what ever reason.
But I still dream every once and awhile.
I wish they were dreams, I once held as a child.