Rules of Love

Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

Don’t smile if there’s pain in your heart.
Don’t pretend that you’re together if you’re apart.
And don’t make illusions of “me and you”,
Because there’s never been a feeling that’s true.

Don’t fake a smile, it shows through your lips.
Don’t fantasize of “us” having a relationship.
And don’t think that you’re so much in love together,
Because the love of the other has started to falter.

Don’t build your castles in the air.
Don’t love too much because love isn’t fair.
And don’t be a fool to accept all their reasons,
Because they’ve been playing on you throughout the season.

Don’t ask too many questions.
Don’t be deceived, it’ll just lead you to the wrong direction.
And don’t assume that somehow your love’s growing,
Because it’s only you who had that feeling…

Don’t wait forever because it is vain.
Don’t expect too much, it’ll only bring you pain.
And don’t be absurd when it comes to love,
Because love’s just a game, a game called “love”.