My Prayer

Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

Lord, let me see the light.
Guide me through this night.
Give me a hand to hold.
Embrace me when I’m feeling cold.
Lead me to the right direction
to put my life into perfection.

Be the air that I breathe.
Be the food that I eat.
Be the words that I speak.
Be the water that I drink.
Be the one that I hear.
Be my shield to all my fears.

Show me my own sanctuary,
where there’s only You and me.
Bring me to Your paradise-
to Your world without disguise.
The answers, hope I will find-
the answers for my curious mind.

Be my hero to help me get through.
Be my friend to change my hue.
Be my father that cares for me.
Be my brother that plays with me.
Be my nurse when I am sick.
Be my teacher to make me think.

Dear Lord, please hear my prayer,
together with Your Divine Mother.
These I pray
in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Sprit.