North Hollywood

Written by: Samantha McDougal

Generally quite rough 
but when he slides 
his summery hands down the shore 
he leaves the pebbles tingling. 
I pull myself through him slowly
and close my eyes at immersion. 
The sensation is sweet and tugging. 
The wetness lingers 
before draining between my toes 
and dampening the cotton of my dress
and something not quite like a laugh
pulls at my ribs. 
Beautiful and amazing,
the wave wakes himself, 
becomes aware 
and self conscience 
then pulls into himself 
and his greens gently hints 
shades of brown. 
And when he comes, 
he comes in rushes,
the foamy white of him 
streaming between my legs. 
my body shudders in the wind 
and I am reminded. 
I think to myself, 
how odd, he calls amidst the sea.