Music to my ears

Written by: Maryam shahbaz

Its like music to my ears
it keeps going on and on
it never stops
Its got a rhythm 
that's like no other
just flowing one after another
seems like it'll never end
a sound so deep, so strong
it carries a tune, 
like a tune in a song
 ringing in my ears
taking my soul
forgetting my fears
such a beautiful sight
as it runs across the sky 
in the middle of the night
each one brighter
 than the one before
so dark, but unique
within each minute
i see yet another streak
lighting up the sky
watching from the window
a sight that is worthwhile
yet with each moment
 becoming so vile
the sound so deep, so strong
vanishing as it hits the floor
and as the lighting strikes and
the thunder claps, you know
the rains going to continue to pour