If Only

Written by: Xty Soriano

You’re the rainbow that gave vividness
To my room full of weariness,
Like a brilliant light, you’re full of kindness,
Like the cloud, you made me feel your smoothness.

Like the air that I breather, you’re always present,
Whether in deluge or in draught you’re always patient,
You brought my life enlightenment,
Without us being engaged, you put yourself into commitment.

Yet, like a stiff mango tree, I remain numb,
After all you’ve said and done, I chose to be dumb,
Though I heard the screaming echoes from your band,
I ignored you thinking you were double-tongued.

Stream of sadness flow onto your heart, like mad,
It was me that was bad,
I am not worth of your blood
And yet I let those eyes to flood.

Like the wind you came and left me without saying goodbyes,
If only I had given you more that just a glance,
If only I had given you even just a single chance,
Now this band is out of tune, there is no more repentance.

Now that you’re gone, I am left alone and lonely,
The things remain is your memory
I know it’s too late; you’ll never come back to me,
If only. . .