Cesoir, Avec Toi

Written by: Frances Angela Torrelavega

Carols sang 
by accordions and violas
glaze tete-a-tetes 
with saccharine vim.
The winsome diction 
in the oui’s and moi’s
makes local tongues 
more suave to hear.

Above, the stars 
waltz with charm-
luring hearts 
to sigh in awe;
from croissant, the moon, 
assume a sphere
while fireworks circle 
around her brim.

The classic aura 
of cobblestone streets
become avant-garde
with stiletto heels;
faded hints 
of wine and champagne
perfume the air 
and wash the paves.

Ah, the façade of laughter – 
sans the tears!
The bonjours, the ça va,
the merci and the kiss…
so much to love,
what is to be loathed
in this very city
where you proposed?