Written by: Robyn Blauw

This is my lonely lonely heart
It aches inside me here
It’s looking for some long lost dream
To make life sweet and dear

It doesn’t trust, it has been there
Trice now as we count
And every time it comes right out
With scars on it again

It wants a love to just be true
That it might live once more
Its seeks for friends and when it finds
It runs and shuts the door

It harbours in there all its fears
Its pain and memories
It finds it so hard to move on
How will it ever heal

I wish that my heart would just say
To hell with all the past
And leave it sitting in the dark
And let it rot away

It’s time to stop it worrying 
If its games you play
To take a chance and maybe see
If it could live a day

There’s so much stuff here going on
It can’t get past first base
It just stays singing lonely songs
And sits beyond closed gates