Written by: Robyn Blauw

Your hand has reach out to my heart
Your songs swim in my head
Your words caress my very soul
Goodbye is what you’re said

You ask that I send you release
To free you from this bond
I say to you my dear dear sweet
That chains do not belong

I’ve never known a single day
A man that’s mine to keep
I’ll never have him in a cage
His life – it will be free

If with me he wants to stay
Then I’ll be very blessed
If from me he wants to go
Then that is where it rests.

In all this world I only owe
What is my heartfelt truth
Its me and mine and always will
It’s this I can’t set free

I’m reaching out and touching you
And sending you a kiss
And as I watch your very soul
I’m sending your release

Be happy hon, is what I wish
For one as sad as you
I’ll keep with me my memories
Of words that touched me true

Goodbye my honey, please don’t cry
If it wasn’t meant to be
In another time, in another life
We then might both be free.