a modern love story

Written by: cameron holden

one thousand characters to describe my life
ill try to do it without vanity and strife
so with hair of brown and eyes of blue
how these azure eyes they smile at you
with lips for a smile and a heart for a song
here is the poem of my life which has not been very long
so with what is left of my life i will try to right the wrongs
with words sharp as weapons it should not take very long
and what of love 
well im lost in love with so much to share
but my love is lost with no one too care
i wonder who reads this and what will they say
will they remember my poem long after they forget me
as sure as the night drifts to the day
i will turn to ashes and get blown away
so carry me far on cold west wind
to circle the world my poem to sing
so people i call on you all too be true
never lose the one you love for someone who just likes you
so all the days of my life as they drift away
please remember love thats all i have left to say