A Dandelion's Dance

Written by: Frances Angela Torrelavega

A dainty Dandelion Puff
was waltzing with the Wind,
donning white feather headdress
and black suede mary janes.

She graced each twirl with poise,
emoting sweetly to Heaven's voice.

Like a starlight in the morning,
she strucked Daisy with awe;
like a pixie in the meadow
she dropped Butterfly's jaws.

Alas, her dance was thwarted to a halt
by two clasping Hands that hitted her like a jolt.

It was then followed
by a Breath so warm
who whispered,
He just wanted to wish,
He meant no harm.

Seconds after, She was blown in the air,
still a bit dizzy, she danced with flair.
Once again, she danced and waltzed
'til another pair of hands clasps her to a halt.