Souls in Twilight Solstice

Written by: Frances Angela Torrelavega

Trotting the sable pave, 
paranoia trapped my id;
embraced in ghostly chill, 
each gait was dragged with fear.
At a sudden glimpse I noticed
the other humbled souls:
ennui, pallor and dying,
craving for toxic venom.
Even unfortunate Luna
was not spared from tragic fate:
like a tarnished pearl - discarded,
in solitude, she remained;
likewise heed the plight
of all the weeping stars:
revive their vanished luster,
rescue the evening sprites.
United with the clamor
of these mourning souls,
we traced the road that vows
eternal liberation;
but in desperate search 
for lucent signs,
morose tracks still haunted: 
brutal cavilers hounded...
eerie creatures crawled
old cobblestone pavements…
With evident inopportune, 
sanctuary, we yearned.