Written by: Robyn Blauw

What am I feeling?
I don’t really know
I’m trying to listen
To my body, you know

My nerves seem all jumpy
And I feel some dis ease
And I feel like my cells
Are all swimming in me

My senses are heightened
And I’m feeling quite strange
It’s like an awakening
It’s confusing my brain

I’m trying to disciper
Just what I am feeling
It’s not sadness nor happiness
Its not darkness nor fear

It’s like I’m dizzy, out in some space
Its like my cells are in such a haste
I feel my blood, it’s coursing through me
It is like a river, wild and free

It’s not a bad feeling
This thing that is going on
It’s really quite pleasant
Like my body in song.

I’m not going to fight it
It is such a nice change
Just let it excite me
I’ve everything to gain