Three Words

Written by: Maryam shahbaz

Its when you fall from the sky
you never know what will happen next
you've done it before 
but no this high
you're nervous yet excited
you don't know what to expect
so you let your self go
you let your pain float away
you've done it before but
its not the same

you've waited so long
but nobody came
nobody cared
you wonder it they would notice 
if they'd forget
you got scared 
but now your all alone
and your ready to go
so you take a breath and jump
jump off the cliff not knowing
where you'll land

you thought no one would be there
no one cared 
but you jumped anyway
crying because you thought they lied
but now your fine because
 they were there and now
you know they didn't lie
it was all true
when they said those three words
I love you.